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    MOTOTRBO™ April Updates

        Motorola Solutions announce continuation of the MOTOTRBO™ DP1400 Digital Radio Discount Offer  With this attractive offer you can save up to £30.00 per portable, this will continue at the increased rates until the 30th June 2017. Download the Offer Leaflet here Alternatively, you can discuss this offer with…

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  • Healthcare MOTOROLA Solutions

    What are the benefits of MOTOTRBO™ Two Way Radio in Healthcare ?

      In Healthcare reliable communication tools are vital and you need to create an environment that is safe and secure, where staff can perform at their best – MOTOTRBO™ Digital two-way radio & applications can assist. With Two Way Radio you aren’t dependent on an external network,  or unreliable coverage…

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  • How to Guide for MOTOTRBO

    How to – Battery Do’s and Don’ts

      Learn some helpful tips on the best way to store, handle and care for your MOTOTRBO™ two-way radio batteries  Battery capacity naturally decreases slowly over time and the battery warranty begins when the battery is shipped, thus to take full advantage of your new battery’s capacity and warranty, use batteries promptly after…

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