• Aintree Hospital Aerial MOTOTRBO

    Aintree University Hospital – Greater Efficiency Achieved with MOTOTRBO™ Porter Track Solution

      Aintree University Hospital is a large teaching hospital in Liverpool providing Accident & Emergency services and a broad range of acute and non-acute specialities. Seeking to improve its method of allocating jobs to porters and replace its ageing analogue radio system, the hospital turned to the communication market for…

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  • Product Cancellations

    Product Cancellation Notifications

    Motorola Solutions have announced the following Accessory Product Cancellations to their Legacy Products. Replacements are available only where indicated.   Product Groups: MOTOTRBO DP3000 – WPLN4239A – IMPRES MUC  DISPLAY MOTOTRBO – RLN4921A – DISCREET EARPIECE KIT Please download the full details here  Timescale: Immediate or On Stock Depletion     Need Assistance With Your…

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  • Safety Guide Icon

    Wireless Wednesday – Is it time to re-think your security plans ?

      In an emergency situation, whether it be an imminent threat, an on-going threat or a hazard to lives or property communication is imperative between all teams involved.  Typical means of communication (mobile phones, landline telephone and the internet) are likely to be disrupted in emergencies. With two-way radio, you can…

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  • MOTOTRBO 10 Years

    MOTOTRBO™ Celebrate their 10 Year Anniversary

    As Motorola Solutions celebrates a decade of the MOTOTRBO™ Digital Portfolio, DCRS a Motorola Platinum Channel Partner looks back at the first MOTOTRBO™ Radio System installed in the Uk at Boots Distribution, Nottingham.   Built for safety and productivity, this purpose-built Radio system revolutionised Stores Service Centre (SSC) in Nottingham which…

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