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Wireless Wednesday – Is it time to re-think your security plans ?


In an emergency situation, whether it be an imminent threat, an on-going threat or a hazard to lives or property communication is imperative between all teams involved.  Typical means of communication (mobile phones, landline telephone and the internet) are likely to be disrupted in emergencies. With two-way radio, you can ensure that the lines of communication are always open and you are not hindered by the loss of a signal.

Make sure two-way radios are part of your Business Security Plan. Two-way radio doesn’t have to be just a push to talk system; they can integrate and work as part of your team to bring everyone to safety. 

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What are your options?
  • Alarm Integration – Connect your management and building teams radio systems to on-site process such as multiple alarms or BMS for immediate notifications to allow faster response times
  • Disabled Refuge Systems  – Connect and control to ensure disabled staff & visitors can raise an alarm
  • Discrete Communications – Most two-way radios can operate on silent/vibrate (when utilising an accessory) and send encrypted text messages, ideal for situations where you need to communicate discretely
  • Tracking – By installing iBeacons / GPS Software you can track staff allowing you to push the closest member of your team to an emergency situation & report on locations after an event
  • Panic Button – All radios come complete with an emergency panic button that can be programmed to activate a response sequence
  • Voice Recording – All calls can be recorded and stored on a cloud-based software program to be accessed anytime (local PC options also available)
  • Man Down / Lone Worker – Ideal for lone workers or staff who are working outside of their usual remit i.e. Attending an unmanned area –  Man Down relies on the physical position of the radio whilst Lone Worker requires the employee to acknowledge their radio alert
  • Defined User Groups – Group / All Calls can broadcast messages to all, or designated groups to get messages out and decisions made swiftly to deal with a situation
  • Individual Calls – Allows Management and Emergency teams to broadcast messages that are of a sensitive nature


With a little careful planning two-way radio systems can help manage – everyday health and safety and general operations, security breaches, and emergency responses.

DCRS can offer a broad range of solutions which can be viewed here. If you have a specific requirement DCRS’s R & D Team can design a solution for you.

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