What is IMPRES Battery Management?

MOTOTRBO IMPRES shows you exactly how much capacity is left, so you can squeeze every bit of energy out of MOTOTRBO IMPRES batteries.


MOTOTRBO Impres Battery ScreenYour radio is only as good as the battery that powers it  MOTOTRBO Impres Battery Management can ensure that your MOTOTRBO radio battery never fails. CHEAP BATTERIES COME WITH A HIGH PRICE.

If you buy batteries on the initial purchase price alone, you could end up spending more in the long run. While other brands may look the same, their quality and performance vary dramatically. The technology inside makes a big difference in how they impact the performance of your radio and how often they have to be charged.


If you’re not using IMPRES™ your batteries may need constant recharging, stop working when your people need them most or even damage your radio. When your radio battery fails and communication is lost, it impacts the performance and safety of your organisation – whether you’re operating an industrial facility, serving customers in a hotel or saving lives. Yet maintaining a large fleet of batteries can be frustrating, time-consuming and costly.

The MOTOTRBO IMPRES Battery Management application makes all the difference. It eliminates the guesswork, complexity and expense of managing hundreds – even thousands – of  batteries, wherever they are. With IMPRES, you can count on your radios to power up in the moments that matter.


Only IMPRES Battery Management provides the most accurate information on each battery in your fleet so you know they’re fully charged and will last the entire shift. IMPRES software automatically collects battery-critical data including capacity, charge and recondition history and put-in-service dates. Because IMPRES batteries can be charged 150 times more than standard batteries, you stock fewer spares and replace fewer batteries.


MOTOTRBO Impres Chart



Motorola Solutions MOTOTRBO IMPRES Battery Management delivers battery-critical information to enhance the performance and safety of your organisation.

• Tells you when batteries are below your specified minimum capacity
• Ensures there is enough capacity for an entire shift
• Eliminates unplanned downtime and work interruptions
• Avoids the expense of throwing batteries away prematurely
• Decreases the need for excess battery inventory
• Asset tracking for batteries and in the OTA version, for radios


Extracted from IMPRES Smart Energy Batteries and IMPRES Fleet Management Brochures

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