New Telephone Interconnect Product for MOTOTRBO™


This product will allow MOTOTRBO™ radio users to make and receive calls over SIP, GSM and analogue lines. It will also monitor lone worker and emergency calls and notify alarms by text message or pre-recorded voice messages. This is a great feature for lone working staff.



  • SIP, Analogue Line and GSM Interfaces
  • Lone worker monitoring and alarm reporting
  • Self-contained teleconnect solution over GSM
  • Remote contact alarm and control
  • Voice prompts and recorded messages
  • Very competitive pricing
  • Full instructions for simple program and deploy
  • Pre-configured options for plug and play
  • Small modular design
  • Call our demo system from your mobile phone for customer demonstrations
  • Full RadioTrade technical support



Compatible with:

  • Single MOTOTRBO repeater and/or fixed mobile
  • IPSC
  • Cap+
  • Linked Cap+




MIKADO Product Spec Thumb


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