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MOTOTRBO™ Job Ticketing

MOTOTRBO™ Job Ticketing


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Job Ticketing is a function available with MOTOTRBO radios via a client hosted software application that allows you to efficiently manage and monitor :

• Scheduling
• Work flow
• Personnel’s job function

By converting an alarm, or business system message into MOTOTRBO text format, the software can notify the most appropriate MOTOTRBO user through work schedules and action filters. The radio user can accept, or reject the assigned job ticket by using standard menu options on their keypad. The user simply sends a quick completed message back to the dispatcher to clear that job down. Tracking the status of all job tickets is in real time and it will noti­fy the dispatcher if a ticket is about to become overdue.

Job tickets are hosted and managed privately on your own computer network and there are no additional costs incurred with online work-flow applications. This system allows the management team to run full reports on:

• All radio users
• Track all jobs
• Job acceptations and rejections
• Time frames in which they took to complete

There are no monthly recurring fees, or data charges as seen with other cellular data options, potentially saving you thousands of pounds a year.